Simplify conferences with ease

All-in-one solution for seamless conference organization. From manuscript submission to event promotion, our editorial manager streamlines the publication process while our website builder creates stunning platforms to showcase your conference agenda. Simplify, organize, and impress with Earendel


Efficiently oversee Editors, Reviewers, and Authors

Seamlessly add or remove Handling Editors, Reviewers, and Authors


Empower your online presence effortlessly with our intuitive website builder

Create stunning websites in minutes, no coding required


Taking Conference Management to New Heights

With Earendel, your conference expands limitlessly, all while maintaining effortless control over every process

Live ProgramComing soon!

Craft dynamic live programs seamlessly, tailored to meet the criteria set by the program committee. No technical expertise needed

Submission Handling

Simplify your submission process from abstract submission to journal publication, ensuring a smooth and efficient manuscript management

Unified Platform

An all-in-one customizable system tailored to your brand identity, delivering seamless functionality at every step

Reviewers Assignment Powered by AIComing soon!

The assignment of reviewers for submissions is efficiently handled by AI algorithms, which automatically match submissions with suitable reviewers

Website Builder

Craft stunning, user-friendly websites effortlessly, without any coding expertise required

RegistrationComing soon!

Fully customizable system facilitates seamless registration with secure credit card payments for your attendees

Mobile AppComing soon!

Empower your attendees to view the program, curate their agenda, and stay updated with the latest conference news thanks to a dedicated mobile app

Custom Notifications

Send tailored and personalized notification emails to attendees, ensuring timely communication and engagement

One-Page Abstract GenerationComing soon!

Automatically generate the one-page abstract PDFs, allowing reviewers to focus on the content that truly matters

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